Apr 28 • 33M

TV+ Talk - "Shrinking", "Tetris" and More

Discussing this month's key Apple TV+ issues.

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Charlotte Henry
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Chuck Joiner and I are back with the second episode of “TV+ Talk” - the YouTube series and podcast in which, each month, we discuss the key issues around Apple’s streaming service. This time around we looked at the comedy series “Shrinking” and the movie “Tetris”. Chuck had a bit of a surprise for me too!

As Apple TV+ becomes a more mature service, the content on the platform is going to be held up to ever greater scrutiny - and there was already a lot because it’s, you know, Apple. For example, the recently released “Ghosted”, starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, has not got great ratings. (As I write, it’s on 60% on Rotten Tomatoes.) However, it is also had the most successful opening for a movie on Apple TV+, wracking up more views than Tom Hanks’s “Finch” and others, including the aforementioned “Tetris”, according to Deadline. And we know Apple isn’t afraid to cut shows that aren’t working. We’ll be keeping an eye on it all for “TV+ Talk”.

The next things on my “to watch” list are the later series of “Truth Be Told”, and the sports documentaries “Real Madrid - Until The End” and “Super Lague - The War for Football”. I should probably catch up with “Ted Lasso” at some point too…

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