Jan 25 • 35M

Here's What Publishers Need to Give up in 2023

Some of these are controversial...

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Charlotte Henry
Charlotte Henry adds together media, tech, politics and culture with the help of some fantastic guests.
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A new year is always a good time for a reset. It is all too easy for any individual or industry as a whole to keep doing the same old thing. That is no different for publishing, with its ongoing combination of opportunities and struggles.

What, then, should publishers be looking to change in 2023? Journalist, lecturer and trainer Adam Tinworth has thoughts. Some of them are going to be controversial. He joins host Charlotte Henry to, amongst other things, urge SEO practitioners to give up their keyword spreadsheets, journalists to get off Twitter and everyone to be a bit more sceptical about TikTok. In an atmosphere of layoffs and economic uncertainty, can we move away from some of the things we’ve held onto for so long?


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