Nov 30, 2022 • 30M

Modernising a 100-Year-Old Magazine

The New Statesman has been around for a century but is a highly modern media outlet.

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Charlotte Henry
Charlotte Henry adds together media, tech, politics and culture with the help of some fantastic guests.
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The New Statesman is Britain’s leading centre-left magazine and has been around for more than a century. It hits newsstands once a week. Between that, however, it publishes a huge amount of other work. The website, of course, is kept up to date with fresh news and opinion. It also offers an array of podcasts featuring its staff and guests, and recently introduced audio versions of its long-read pieces too. There is a growing amount of video content as well.

The New Statesman is far from the only publication doing such work, but it does provide an excellent example of how a traditional outlet can survive and thrive in the modern media environment without losing focus on its core product - the weekly magazine.

I have long thought that as we consume more and more digital media, the joy of a beautifully produced printed magazine only increases. I love settling down with the latest edition of Vanity Fair after a day of listening to podcasts, reading newsletters, watching videos and browsing websites.

Rachel Cunliffe, Senior Associate Editor at the News Statesman, joins me to discuss the work of modernising a magazine that has been around for over 100 years, the art of picking the right medium to tell a story and why print still matters.

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