Feb 1 • 32M

Starting a Print Magazine... in 2023?!

A magazine lover is putting his money where his mouth is.

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Charlotte Henry
Charlotte Henry adds together media, tech, politics and culture with the help of some fantastic guests.
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Big-name glossy magazines still attract plenty of attention, even if newsstand numbers are dwindling. The truth is, many people engage with a magazine brand despite rarely/never picking up a print copy. As I’ve said before, I personally really enjoy settling down with a print magazine one after a day staring at a screen.

The world of magazines goes beyond the mega-brands though. There are a plethora of beautifully produced independent titles that focus on all manner of subjects and serve dedicated readerships. However, it is a tough business and many are fighting to survive.

Peter Houston and his partner Joanna are taking their love for the indie magazine world one step further and launching their own title - Grub Street Journal. It will be aimed at “people who make magazines”. Peter joins the show this week to explain why on Earth they are starting a print publication in 2023.


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