Sep 6 • 31M

You Get a Bundle, You Get a Bundle... You ALL Get a Bundle!

Press Gazette's Bron Maher on getting customers to pay for content.

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Charlotte Henry
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The days in which (most) digital publishing companies think that the way to success is making content available for free are long gone. Subscriptions are becoming crucial to publishers of all sizes, from all over the world. From the New York Times to…well, this newsletter, publishers are looking at ways to get consumers to pay directly for content.

Bron Maher, senior reporter at Press Gazette, has done in-depth reporting on various types of subscriptions, most notably the NYT bundle. He joined the show to discuss how the industry is changing, what is working, and what isn’t. There are certainly a lot of discounts on offer at the moment, but what happens when those cut-price periods end? We also discuss Mark Thompson, the man who helped build the NYT’s paywall business and is now about to take over CNN.