Sitemap - 2023 - The Addition

Web Summit And OpenAI Chaos

Sports Illustrated Used AI. It Went Really Well.

Things to be Thankful For in Media

[Rerun] AI and the Future of Journalism

Without Advertisers Twitter Cannot be Saved

Turmoil at The New Statesman

Action! Hollywood Returns!

TikTok Challenging TV

Why BBC Social Media Rules Matter

The Highs, Lows and Dangers of Being a War Reporter

TikTok is Changing Comedy

Streamers Keeping Old Shows Alive

Threads vs Twitter - Who is Winning

War and Podcasts

TV+ Talk: Jon Stewart Departs Apple TV+

Pressing Pause

Disney at 100

Netflix's First Live Sport Event is Just an Advert

Threads is Finally Doing the News

Why Building a Community Around Your Publication Matters

News Providers Strive to Make Streaming Work

Elon Musk Has Finally Killed Twitter

How to Make Money Blogging

Paramount+ Set For UK Push

Decision Time For GB News

What are you watching?

Rupert Retires

Where Next For Hollywood Strikes?

Public Service Broadcasters Combine For New Live Over Internet Service

What I'm Watching Right Now

Reporting on Mason Greenwood's Man Utd Return

Small Viewership, Big Names - Piers Morgan Lands Another Major Interview

Small Streamers Fight For Survival

You Get a Bundle, You Get a Bundle... You ALL Get a Bundle!

Podcasts Power On

iPlayer - the BBC's Most Underappreciated Product

AI and the Future of Journalism

Subscription Fatigue is Real

Can a New Streaming Strategy Take CNN to The Max?

Is Twitter Still Useful for Journalists?

Media Predictions For The Rest of 2023

[Rerun] How Rolling Stone Came to The UK

[Rerun] Content Creation 101

Bring Back Silly Season

Apple Services Make an Impact

The Media Scandal That Rocked Ireland

Politicians, Podcasts and Polls

Hollywood Strikes Hit at Home and Abroad

The Media vs QAnon and Donald Trump

Sorry, "Barbenheimer" Won't Save the Box Office

Social Media as a News Source

The Power of Newsletters

As the Lionesses Prepare to Roar Again, Women's Sport Offers a Major Media Opportunity

Huw's a Story?

How Spotify Advanced Podcasting

Threads Can Beat Twitter. But It Needs the News.

What on Earth is Going on With Twitter? Again.

'TV+ Talk' - MLB and Messi: Apple TV+ Plays the Live Sport Game

Meta Doesn't Need the News, With Adrian Weckler

The BBC’s Glastonbury Coverage is Not Excessive or a Luxury

The State of the Media Industry Half Way Through 2023

Streaming's Busy Few Months, With Tom Merritt

Podcasts - to Video or Not to Video?

The Media Criticism Conundrum

Prince Harry vs The Media, With The New Statesman's Rachel Cunliffe

Netflix Finally Taking a Swing at Live Sport

CNN in Crisis

The Ankler's Sean McNulty on the Writers Strike

Podcasting Positivity

Lauren Ingram on What is Really Happening in Web3

The Success of "Succession"

TV+ Talk - "Killers of the Flower Moon" is (Almost) Here

Madeleine White of The Audiencers on How to Build a Sustainable Publication

Living in Rented Space

A Boast and a Thank You

Rob Burley on BBC Failures and the Power of Political Interviews

The Case For Media Industry Optimism

The Trump TV Tangle

Adweek's Mark Stenberg on the Fallout From the Pandemic M&A Splurge

Does The UK Have a Fake News Problem?

The Social Media Era of News is Over

Ben Smith on Tucker Carlson, the Dossier and the Dress

Risks and Rewards of TikTok as a News Source

TV+ Talk - "Shrinking", "Tetris" and More

Hollywood Lowdown With Sean McNulty of "The Ankler"

A Year on, What Actually is TalkTV?

Why The Fox News vs Dominion Case Matters, Even in the UK pt. 2

The Best Things to Watch Right Now

The Show Trial of Evan Gershkovich

Six Months of Musk

The Future of Substack

Can AI Save Local Media?

Former Top BBC Insider Tells (Almost) All

A Chaotic First Quarter For 2023

We Take YouTube For Granted

Testing… Testing

TikTok Might Actually Get Banned

Prestige TV Like "Succession" is Special

Introducing TV+ Talk

Do We Still Believe in "Ted Lasso"?

Why the Fox News vs Dominion Case Matters, Even in the UK

Will TikTok Really be Banned?

Change, And Continuity, in The Creator Economy

One Year of The Addition

Fantastic Female Journalists And Where to Find Them

Fifty Years of Cosmo And The Future of Women's Magazines

Journalist, Creator or Both?

Isabel Oakeshott And The Lockdown Files

Media Industry Status Update

AI And The Battle For Our Eyeballs

EXCLUSIVE: The Email Detailing How The BBC is Starting to Merge News Channels

Is 6AM City The Future of Local News?

Nicola Bulley, Privacy Invasion And Press Freedom

The Next Stage of Streaming - Less is More

Streaming Set For Big Shake up

It's Time For Apple TV+ to Substitute "Ted Lasso"

Bob Iger Makes His Mark on Disney Return

The Tech That Helps Blind People Stream The Latest Hit Shows

Spotify Aims to be The Place For Audio Creators

BBC Newsroom Anger as Lead Presenters For New Channel Confirmed

Starting a Print Magazine... in 2023?!

Secretive Disinformation Units in British Army And Government Revealed

Streamer Silence on Ad Tier Numbers

Here's What Publishers Need to Give up in 2023

Podcasting is Maturing

Netflix CEO Steps Aside After 25 Years

What AI Might Mean For Journalism

“Rollercoaster” For Podcasts on The Way

Joanna Gosling Confirms BBC Exit Amidst Newsroom Unrest

What on Earth is Going on With Twitter?

2023 Could Be the Big Breakthrough Year for Apple TV+

State of Streaming in 2023