What I'm Watching and Reading: May 2024

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I'm heading to the Podcast Show London tomorrow and Thursday. It should be a great into the current state of the industry. Stories from the show will be in Friday's newsletter. If you're there, let me know!

Seizing the Loot

This month, I’ve mostly been catching up, notably with Loot on Apple TV+. I also thought I’d expand things a little bit and share what I’m reading too. Feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments! [I may earn a commission if you purchase items through the links below. More details here.]

What I’m Watching

Loot (Apple TV+)

When Apple TV+ does 30-minute comedies, they tend to be pretty good. Loot on Apple TV+ certainly is. It stars Maya Rudolph as a billionaire divorcee who decides to actually engage with her foundation as she rebuilds her life. I can see where the show is going after just a couple of episodes, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

Special Ops: Lionesses (Paramount+)

Readers/listeners will know that I like high-octane, slightly dumb action shows, and Special Ops: Lionesses is one. And it is female-led. Win, win. Zoe Saldaña and Laysla De Oliveira star. It is pretty violent, which can be disturbing, but the strong female characters make a nice change for this style of show.

Thunderbirds (ITVX)

I could pretend there is some higher cultural reason behind watching Thunderbirds. However, the truth is that sometimes I just can’t resist dipping into a bit of childhood nostalgia. I was, therefore, delighted when I found this firm favourite, and other Gerry Anderson shows, available for free on ITVX.

What I’m Reading

No Way Out: Brexit: From the Backstop to Boris

This work essentially tells the inside story of Theresa May’s time as UK prime minister. I can’t say much more about it as I’ve reviewed it for the Times Literary Supplement!

Amazon; Bookshop.org; Waterstones

Football Leaks: Uncovering the Dirty Deals Behind the Beautiful Game

Before I got stuck into Brexit, I found “Football Leaks” on my shelf and dived in. It gives a rather depressing insight into the sport I love, although perhaps not all the revelations are quite as big as the author clearly thinks they are. I really appreciated how it revealed the process of investigative journalism though.

Amazon; Bookshop.org; Waterstones


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Welcome to The Addition, where I bring together tech, media and culture. It's been a busy week this week. If you want more on what is happening in British politics, check out the House of Comments podcast I co-present with Emma Burnell. It's another way to get the paid version of this newsletter too. If you sign up via Patreon, you get this newsletter, my co-host Emma's newsletter and the extra episodes at the bargain price of £5 a month. When Netflix announced an ad-supported tier it felt...

Welcome to The Addition, where I cover the intersection of media, tech and culture. Inevitably, politics often seeps into that, as is the case this week. If you enjoy this newsletter, take out a paid subscription. Want more politics? Check out my podcast House of Comments. It is also another great way to get the paid version of this newsletter. If you sign up via Patreon, you get this newsletter, my co-host Emma Burnell's newsletter and the extra episodes for £5 a month. After a busy Saturday...

CNN is cutting jobs. "Media organisation makes people redundant" is hardly revelatory in 2024, but this move includes closing down its CNN opinion section. Claire Atkinson exclusively revealed a memo from boss Mark Thompson and reported on the end of the comment section. Churning out comment pieces is generally cheaper than reporting. However, if you want to refocus a news organisation, I guess you can see why that is the bit that would be sacrificed, particularly heading into a presidential...